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[MWR TMC] ECDPD Empty chamber discharge prevention device

[MWR TMC] ECDPD Empty chamber discharge prevention device

SKU: MWRPB006800

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Finally a reliable ECDPD for the TMC platform that never skips a beat. 

It prevents your marker from blank firing when out of ammo and saves that precious air, instead, you'll hear a faint click. Of course thsi isn't a new concept but creating a versio nfor the TMC that works was a fun project and we think everyone with a TMC should be able to have one. and now they can!


This unit replaces the magfed cap and you'll have to transfer the ball detent from it. Then simply aling the parts and install using the provided cap for a sleeker look than the original bulky thumbscrew.


Give it a shot!


Comes Preassembled and includes
1x TMC ECDPD parts

1x Black oxide nut

1x black oxide 25mm M5 screw

1x 20mm Hardened steel pin

4x 3x4 magnet






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