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[MGX] Core Lower -FrameKit [MGX]

[MGX] Core Lower -FrameKit [MGX]

SKU: MWRPB018600

****PRE ORDER OPENS Thursday June 13th 12PM EST          ****      SHIPPING STARTS July 15th
We are happy to announce The EMF-MGX Core Lower is officially going on Pre Order for a limited first run. This will help us test production cycles and limit our load for launch and gradually we will add more units for sale. 


Welcome to the MGX MarkerSmith
-All MGX MarkerSmith parts are compatible with each other.
-Some MGX MS parts are essential to the proper function of the bodykit, therefore:
-You need to have 1x Core Lower and 1x Core Upper for MGX to work.
-All other parts are optional.


MGX Showcase Video


[MGX] Core Lower -FrameKit [MGX]  
MWR is launching a new product for the MGX product line and it's the most anticipated of all. This is a full EMF Grip Frame (Lower) replacement that completely changes the look of your already favorite magfed marker.

MWR has worked tirelessly to bring this Lower to market at a price point that will surprise many for its dense feature list. Paired with optimal and elegant design and some of the best 3Dprinters on the market, we print this Lower with our #1 choice material for the job, Carbon Fiber PETG, for its excellent resistance to impacts and proven track record for printing magfed resistant products.

The first thing to notice about the design of our Lower is the ASA adapter angle which takes your air tank up behind the grip instead of perfectly horizonal. This 15degree offset in tank angle has many advantages for ergonomics, design and overall marker size. The angle also opened up a whole new line of MGX stocks specifically designed for this configuration.

Compatability is key with our Lower and we can confirm testing for many internal valves has been done.
Here is a list of known tested upgrades via our testing and beta tester's reports that are affected by the Lower
-All  DAM and EMF Mags including Dam Box mag (with EMF Modding)
-Original EMF Valve
-PE 3Way Valve
-DeadlyWinds hair45 v1 (V2 not compatible at this time)
-Original Trigger
-Hyper Trigger
-Fang trigger
-EMF Mag release

-MWR Extended Release
-EMF Safety
-MWR AmbiSafety
-Bolt Mods are not affected


The first of many features our lower has to offer is its native MGX compatability. As MGX is growing in renown across EMF player's globally as a well designed EMF Body kit offering an awesome range of modding options but also super useful features like quick release handguards, super fast dissassembly and lightweight/ low profile design, the need to complete the MGX series with a equally awesome Lower was our top prioroty. For this reason, our Lower is not compatible with the original EMF bodykit.


Main Feature List
-MGX Compatible
-15degree angled air tank
-Compatible with all original EMF parts or common performance upgrades
-AirThrough Stock Ready with an updated adapter sold by CS Magfed *Stay tuned for more*
-Swappable trigger guard for future modding possibilities such a dual trigger guards
-Swappable grip Inserts for color accents in the future

Quality of life features we designed in to make this lower as awesome as possible
-Ergonomic Grip and feel
-Finger spot for middle finger shooters
-Safety bushings printed flat for smooth safety action
-Trigger pin bushings in case the pin holes wear out
-Print files available for all inserted parts, Grip accents, trigger pin bushings, safety bushings, etc..
-Trigger plate screws and brass pins deleted for quicker teardowns. changing trigger spring is SO much faster.
-Trigger guard hole for allen key
-MWR Ambi safety perfectly integrated in the body detail


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