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[MGX] Handguard - KSpec 100

[MGX] Handguard - KSpec 100

SKU: MWRPB018100

Welcome to the MGX MarkerSmith
-All MGX MarkerSmith parts are compatible with each other.
-Some MGX MS parts are essential to the proper function of the bodykit, therefore:
-You need to have 1x Core Lower and 1x Core Upper for MGX to work.
-All other parts are optional.


MGX Showcase Video


[MGX] Handguard - KSpec 100 - is a 100mm AK12 inspired handguard for the MGX series. Both side rails are removable revealing MLok style slots on each side.
The top sight details are for looks but do somewhat move like an authentic AK sight. 


-Agressive look

-MGX tool less teardown system

-MLok on both sides and bottom of grip.
-Modular system can be customized with other parts available in the future


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