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[MGX] Muzzle - FLX

[MGX] Muzzle - FLX

SKU: MWRPB018300

Welcome to the MGX MarkerSmith
-All MGX MarkerSmith parts are compatible with each other.
-Some MGX MS parts are essential to the proper function of the bodykit, therefore:
-You need to have 1x Core Lower and 1x Core Upper for MGX to work.
-All other parts are optional.


[MGX] Muzzle - FLX is a Crimp Style Muzzle attachment currently available in 21.5mm ID to fit the orignal Planet Eclipse Barrel. It is designed to fit snug with the the MGX FLX 250mm handguard but can be used on any configuration. It slides onto your barrel and a set screw tightens the muzzle where you need to secured

-21.5mm ID
-120mm Length
-Inquire about different barrel compatability


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