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[MGX] Stock - PDM

[MGX] Stock - PDM

SKU: MWRPB019100

Welcome to the MGX MarkerSmith
-All MGX MarkerSmith parts are compatible with each other.
-Some MGX MS parts are essential to the proper function of the bodykit, therefore:
-You need to have 1x Core Lower and 1x Core Upper for MGX to work.
-All other parts are optional.


[MGX] Stock - PDM is an Adjustable collapsing stock for the MGX series. 


-300mm/12" max stock length
-5/16" Anodized Aluminum Rods are stiff yet compact and light

-Option to swap Buttpad designs
-Stock can be pulled out completely for storage.

-Option for mount to fit Full or AntiKit uppers*
-*Anti Kit style is a low profile option and Full matches Alpha and KSpec upper profiles.*
-Length is set via tightening knob under the stock mount. This is a cost effective method to secure the stock length without any wobble. Loosen, set length, tighten!
-QD mounts on either side of the mount

-Base buttpad is slanted with a hex pattern for style and grip.

More buttpads added later.