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[MWR A5 Addon] Stock Milspec "MWR Classic" with A5 Mount

[MWR A5 Addon] Stock Milspec "MWR Classic" with A5 Mount

The MWR Classis stock features a Genuine Milspec AR-15 6 point adjustable aluminium Buffer tube. It is threaded into a custom stock mount specially made for A5 2 pin configuration. This mount is desinged to look cool even without an MWR AR-Kit . It has 2 sling mounting points, one on each side, and uses custom made aluminium mounting pins for a super strong attachment. These 2 pins were custom made to fit the A5 body and is secured by a 50mm m5 screw. The buffer tube is held tight with a printed castle nut and a tool for tightening is included. Finally the buttstock is locked into place by a spring loaded latch that allows control over the 6 point buffer tube.


Part comes pre assembled and includes:

1x MWR Classic Buttstock Parts

1x Ar15 Genuine Milspec Buffer Tube

1x MWRA5 Milspec stock mount and parts

1x Aluminum mounting pin set

1x 50mm stainless steel m5 screw

1x 40mm stainless steel m5 screw

1x stainless steel m5 locknut

1x Spring

2x 16mm stainless steel m4 screw

2x12mm stainless steel m4 screw

1x 3d Printed castle nut

1x Castle nut wrench


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