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[MWR A5 AR-Kit Part] LowerReceiver "Rifle" for standard A5

[MWR A5 AR-Kit Part] LowerReceiver "Rifle" for standard A5

Combined with the Upper receiver the AR-kit Rifle Lower receiver for standard A5 creates the distinct AR look went want. it's part of the core of the design and allows the Mag and HandGuard to connect to the marker seamlessly. It features a mag release latch and the MWR logo proudly. It is pinned into place by the two grip mounting push pins. (not included)


*This part comes in two designs to allow fittment with both new and old generation A5 grips. Please chose one.


Part comes with

1x Ar-Kit lower receiver

1x Mag Release Latch

2x m5 stainless steel nuts

2x 10mm m5 stainless steel screws

2x10mm m3 stainless steel screws


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