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[MWR A5 AR-Kit Part] UpperReceiver "Alpha"

[MWR A5 AR-Kit Part] UpperReceiver "Alpha"

SKU: MWRPB003700

The MWR AR-Kit upper receiver is the heart of this operation which covers most of the A5 body with a screwless snaping attachment. This particular model has a smooth side wall for a softer looking kit. One one side a channel for the charging handle and optional charm mount, on the other, Some AR consmetic details. Everything was designed not to hinder the use of you A5 with access to cyclone operation, velocity screw and air valves all clear for ease of use. 


Kit comes Pre-assembled with:

1x AR-Kit Upper receiver alpha parts

1x Top rail

1x Charm mount

1x MWR DogTag and Ring

4x m4 stainless steel slim nut

4x 8mm m4 stainless steel screw

1x 25mm m4 stainless steel screw

2x 10mm m3 stainless steel screw

1x 10mm m5 stainless steel screw


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