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[MWR MagForce] Mag Coupler

[MWR MagForce] Mag Coupler

SKU: MWRPB014400

This is a rework of the TIPX Coupler that was already available but with some small mods to fit even better with the MagForce system.  Note that this is not very useful for tipx users and more focused on AR markers with the MF adapter

Check out the full MagForce page for more info

Best coupled with MagForce10s, the MF coupler will secure itself to your mags, once tightened, with protrusions on the front and back of the MF10s. These features prevent the need to over tighten the coupler for the mags to sit securely in pairs, ultimately removing the risk of having feed issues from over tightened couplers.


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