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[MWR MagForce]  MolleRack

[MWR MagForce] MolleRack

SKU: MWRPB018700

The MagForce Molle rack is a dual mag carrier suitable for any tipx style magazine. It's adjustable elastic construction makes it ideal for mags to retain perfect tentsion and still to meet every player's  needs. It is a proven robust design with a molle retention tab that is locked into place with a ziptie. 

Beware that patience is a must when attaching this to a molle rig as it can be tricky to pass the molle retention tab through athe whole rig. It can be mounted either between two molle rows or centered, to match any molle pattern.

I can be purchased fully assembled or or not to save you some money. assembly and install video coming shortly.


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