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[MWR TMC] Drop Stock adapter w/ Air Through Stock

[MWR TMC] Drop Stock adapter w/ Air Through Stock

This right here is a TMC game changer! First we designed the first ever, production ready TMC Drop stock Adapter, then decided it wasnt enough... We added more functionality to it by bending a custom air tube and quick connect for a really nice feeling Air through stock option for the TMC platform,


The buffer tube is a real steel aluminum 5 position tube ready for any milspec stock, It works perfectly with either one of our MWR Classic stocks too, *** but they are not included in this product. The buffer tube is locked into place with threads but also it's rotation is locked with a really effective tightening screw. It won't damage the tube, but its super solid and won't turn freely on you during games.


The air tube is a copper 1/4" tube custom bent to reroute air from the piston to the slot just under the stock made for the Tippmann Air through stock option.  right after exiting the TMC body, the air tube bends down, and we attached a crimp style 2500psi brass fitting and quick release nipple compatible with most remote lines. The Drop stock adapter perfectly matches the profile of the tube and leaves you with a nice stock length and a snag free remote line experience that also lets you see down your sight without the need for riser.


You'll have options to purchase with or without the Air through stock tubing if you are already perfectly satisfied with the default air in grip option that is totally cool. and you will have an option without buffer tube as well in case some of you already have one lying around.