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[MWR TMC] HandGuard "Alpha MK2" 9.5 inch

[MWR TMC] HandGuard "Alpha MK2" 9.5 inch

SKU: MWRPB006700

MWR's take on TMC Handguards will change how you see 3D printed handguards. for a fraction of the price, it feels and looks like a real steel shroud and really improves the aesthetics of your marker.


This handguard is 10" long and sports top and bottom rails for your accessories.


Comes preassembled and includes

1x 250mm TMC Handguard alpha

4x 10mm m4 black oxide flat head screws

4x m4 stainless steel slim nuts

2x 20mm m5 black oxide low profile screws

2x m5 black oxide nuts


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