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[MWR TMC] MagForce Uni-Bolt

[MWR TMC] MagForce Uni-Bolt

SKU: MWRPB015700

A new era starts now for the TMC as we have taken the driving force behind our favorite budget marker to the next level!

The only bolt you'll need
The Uni-Bolt is primarily focused on performance with shaped projectiles as more and more players are modding their markers to shoot FSR. This bolt can do it all however, and its proving to be a solid bolt for both Roundball and FSR with consitent FPS and a considerable increase over the previous iterations of the Shaped projectile bolt we sold.

Iterations to Perfection
There were some limitations to the old bolt system that we fixed with this new bolt
-The first issue was with the length of the bolt, this design is longer which seals the barrel better to make sure more air goes behind the round
-To further fix that flaw we added an oring inside the bolt to seal around the power tube and make sure no air escapes back into the marker. Both of these features have resulted in a much needed FPS boost over the previous bolt
-We also made a key improvement to feed FSR when using the ECDPD. You can now load magazines without having to worry about flips if you forgot to pull the charge handle after an empty mag. 
Feeding is therefore alot more consistent! We achieved this by adding a ramp to the front of the bolt that guides the FSR fins to load properly after each shot and every reload.
-Lastly we made an update to the striker that will come with each bolt. One striker that can accept a detent and has the right dimensions to properly stop the bolt when your mag is empty

If you already own the MWR ECDPD then you just need to get the Uni-Bolt that will arrive with a striker to replace the one that comes with the ECDPD 
You can order a Uni-Bolt pack with a full ECDPD 


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