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[MWR TMC] ProStock Mini Kit

[MWR TMC] ProStock Mini Kit

SKU: MWRPB013400

The ProStock Mini Kit is the little brother of the now highly praised PRO Stock for the TMC Platform. It gives you the same ergonomic advantages of the Pro Stock with a more minimalistic Design Composed of three parts from the MWR Armory

-The ProStock Grip with its custom airline moves the tank to a more compact angle
-The Stubby stock Caps off the back end of your TMC for a short and streamlined look
-The 13ci Mini Stock sits at the end of your tank giving you the perfect angle to comfortably engage your foes 


This CQB  inspired stock gives you plenty of mask clearance so you can remove any risers you were previously using and keps your marker super light weight and balanced. Combine this stock with a Shorty Handguard and an 8 inch barrel for the ultimate CQB TMC.


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