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[MWR TMC] ZST-Zero Slop Trigger

[MWR TMC] ZST-Zero Slop Trigger

SKU: MWRPB013900

The Zero Slop Trigger is a TMC upgrade that will directly affect how you interact with your marker. The trigger pull is solid and feels more direct with this drop in upgrade. The flat trigger design is perfect for a more modern esthetic but also gives additional feedback to the shooter when they are pulling the trigger, giving each shot more confidence. 

Installing the Zero Slop Trigger is pretty simple. you will need to strip down your marker and remove the body screws.  Making sure it is not cocked, carefully separate the two halves while gently pulling the trigger. This method will prevent parts from being knocked out of place. Remove the trigger link, lift the air tube, secure the spring and remove the factory trigger. You can now drop in the ZST and retrace your steps!


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