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[MWR Gear] Speed Winder

[MWR Gear] Speed Winder

!!Now available for CF20, TMC and T15 in White, Neon Green and Tan!!

Really, Another Magwinder??

Just like most of you, we believe mag winders are a good meme, and allen keys really work just fine... Yeah so while that isn't completely false, we decided to give it our best effort to rethink the magwinder device from the ground up and the result, we believe, is the ultimate Mag Magwinder!

Bulk order discount
buying for a team? get 2 or 6 pack options to reduce price per unit so nobody on your team has an excuse for slowing down the reload phase!

Fast, Easy, Reliable
MWR is rethinking the magwinder game with this little device to speed up bulk reloading to the max! So what makes it so good? First of all, It is FAST and our SpeedWinder is ergonomic to use, ambidextrous, easy to stow in your pack or with your paint and with it's high contrast scheme, much easier to find than that sneaky allen key! There is also no chance of wearing down the allen key socket either and no risk of over winding. No longer do you need to do the back and forth winding motion of those ratchet winders, now you just hold the frame up against the mag and spin for less than 3 seconds and you are done. The frame matches perfectly the countour of each each mag so it holds securely with one or two fingers and the angled lever leaves enough room to clear your fingers as it turns. The angled lever also conveniently conforms with how your wrist naturally rotates and overall it just feels so good to use.

Easy to maintain
The wnders will all come with a drop of oil at the two pivot points but, if ever it does feel like its binding, just add a new drop of oil where the parts rotate and it will be smooth again.