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[MWR EMF] Magwell Flare Mk3

[MWR EMF] Magwell Flare Mk3

SKU: MWRPB015200

A Flared magwell addon that looks sleek and functions as an oversized funnel for your mags to find their way into that well more efficiently, potentially saving precious time and increasing your chances of survival. It is compatible with the MWR MG RLS but not compatible with standard coupled mags and untested with BoxMags.

The MK3 Magwell has been tested and reworked multiple times now and is ready to hit the fields.

To install, Follow these simple steps
1- Remove the mag release pin from the right side of your marker
2-Remove the screw from the Magwell Flare and slide it, from the front, along the magwell edge until it locks into place.
3-With the pin previously removed, you can now insert the screw all the way through the mag release hole, being careful to not knock the release out of its place.
4- using a 2.5mm allen key, secure the magwell, DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREW.
5-That's it!


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