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[MGX] Lurker Series

[MGX] Lurker Series

***MGX sales open December 15th 2023!!


MGX Lurker Series is our SMG version of the MGX platform.
It features a 100mm / 4inch modular Mlok compatible handguard and a threadsaver style muzzle that fits perfectly with the PE half barrel for a super compact marker.

Modularity in mind - Multiple Stock options depending on your play style
-Modstock is a sleek and light weight modular stock that can be broken down for a compact carry marker. The stock is adapted for either remote line play or ran with a 13ci tank that fits right under the stock.

-SlantBack is our compact stock option to offer a bridge between speedball style markers and realism so you can use your tank as a buttstock and have the best mobility possible. This option comes with our 13ci Ministock that you can chose to use or not.


More handguards, stock, and body options coming in the future

We want MGX to be the most versatile EMF100 modding system so we will work on many more parts for the series in the future. 

MGX offers the quickest field strips and tool less handguard swaps

When running an MGX Series Body kit on your EMF100 marker you unlock the ability to completely remove your handguard in a matter of seconds to either change setup between or during a game, or to clean your barrel it has never been easier to do. or further teardowns its now only a matter of remove two screws to have access to the breach for a deeper cleaning.

LockBolt Compatible

A new MGX Lockbolt/AntiChop device is in the works 100% compatible with the MGX Series so you won't lose that feature if you run one on your marker.

Lightweight and durable for your abusive marker relationships

You won't be pumping iron with this new kit as it only adds about 500g to the core EMF100 and the core supported design offers a rigid platform that can withstand shots and abuse. The tool less handguard system has also been tuned to deliver a rigid connection between upper and handguard with shims available to properly brace the front of the barrel, the whole kit feels solid.