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[MWR .43] PPQ Muzzles

[MWR .43] PPQ Muzzles

Our first line of .43 paintball pistol Muzzles is for the trusty T4E PPQ.

There are 3 different muzzles to choose from
-A short tenderizer style muzzle - 20mm / 60g

-A mid size compensator - 60mm / 100g

-A Wieldy suppressor - 140mm / 160g

*These muzzle do not affect sound output or performance in any way and the barrels are overbored to not interfere with the trajectory of the paintball.*

These muzzle all attach on the lower rail of the PPQ and replaces it with a bi angle rail. You will still be able to mount a light but note that it will be lower than the original light mounting point. this might require a holster change for some who use more tightly fitting models. A universal holster will work perfectly however.


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