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[MWR A5 Addon] Stock "SMG Collapsible"

[MWR A5 Addon] Stock "SMG Collapsible"

SKU: MWRPB009200

A compact and collapsible stock that extends from 6 1/2 in to 10 1/2 inches with 3 locking positions. It's main construction is 3D printed but some custom aluminium parts were fabricated specifically for this part. The 2 side rods and the latching lever are machine out of aluminium for added strength and durability. Overall it is a light weight and comfortable stock with 2 sling points near the mount. The sliding stock is very smooth and has adjustable screws to add or lessen friction on the rods as needed.


Part comes preassembled and includes

1x MWR collapsible buttstock

1x MWR collapsible stock mount parts

1x Custom aluminium rod set

1x Custom aluminium mounting pin set

1x latch spring

1x 50mm stainless steel m5 screw

3x 12mm stainless steel m4 screw

2x 16mm stainless steel m4 screw

2x 25mm stainless steel m4 screw

5x stainless steel m4 slim nut

1x small pin


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