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[MWR A5/Vortex AR-Kit Part] HandGuard 300mm "XRail"

[MWR A5/Vortex AR-Kit Part] HandGuard 300mm "XRail"

SKU: MWRPB002200

This foot long HandGuard is the longest HandGuard MWR can produce. The "XRail" version sports top, side and bottom rails compatible with all picatinny rail accessories.


Part comes pre assembled and includes:

1x 300mm HandGuard "bravo"

1x AR-Kit HandGuard adapter

1x MWR emblem

1x top rail for 300mm HandGuard

1x bottom rail for 300mm HandGuard

2x 50mm m6 Stainless steel screws

2x Printed m6 nuts

19x 12mm m4 stainless steel screws

8x m4 slim nut

2x Stainless steel 1 1/4in 10/32 screw


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