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[MWR Gear] Cam Mount "EXTNDR"

[MWR Gear] Cam Mount "EXTNDR"

SKU: MWRPB006100

The extender for head cam setups will allow your camera to rest lower, closer to your eye line to shorten your profile and offer a better perspective of the action without blocking your vision completely. The extender is adjustable for optimal positioning and comes in 3 different lengths chosen at checkout. We recommend using a small piece of rubber or felt placed on your camera where it might come in contact with you mask's lens

Size Options

40mm, 50mm or 60mm from mount to mount


Part comes preassembled and includes

1x EXTNDR parts kit

1x M5 25mm steel screw

1x M5 Black oxide steel nut


In the case of part failure, MWR paintball is not responsible for the loss of your gear. MWR Is willing to replace parts if they break unexpectedly.