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[MWR Gear] Tac-Spray

[MWR Gear] Tac-Spray

SKU: MWRPB010000

With the MWR Tac-Spray you'll never be left stranded in a safe zone without soapy water to wash away your last game's headshot! (As long as you remember to refill it before the games that is) That's why the Tac-Spray has a slot on the side to quickly see how much liquids you got left and insure you will be everyone's best friend that day. 

Really all this is is a bodykit for a little spray bottle and you should really only get one if you have everything else covered in your life. The spray bottle is included but you provide the liquids. You can even put those sour candy sprays if you wanted...

It features a thick shell for durability and quick refills with a slot for liquid quantity assessment as well as a sleak tactical feel. It also has a ruber fin for deep cleaning but don't come at us if you scratch your lens from using that. It fits most pouches and has the same diameter as a common smoke nade so it could fit some molle holders too.


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