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[MWR Dam] Personalized MagCap - Dye Dam

[MWR Dam] Personalized MagCap - Dye Dam

Customized mag caps by MWR are here to add that extra flare and personalization to your magfed experience.

-Customized text space underneath for easy ID of your mags

-wider grip base for faster magswaps


Pack includes 6 Personalized magcaps with options for 6 or 12
All caps per order have the same Personalized Text with many fonts available. This product includes design of the personalized text which is why these caps cost much more than the MWR Caps.


These caps attach to the Dye Dam mags in the same way the original caps do. Just slide off the original and pop on the new one. A little springy tab will make sure the caps stay in place while being easy to remove from either side


***Each order will be individually processed to create your Personalized text. A limit of 10 characters is set due to the limited space and resolution of the printer.  We will try to show each customer the design before printing the whole order and some feedback will be allowed but no more than 1 iteration per order will be made. Preview will be sent to the email used in the order. if no response is received within 2 buisness days the order will be printed and shipped as is.


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