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[MWR KIT] TMC - Absolver

[MWR KIT] TMC - Absolver

SKU: MWRPB015000

The absolver kit is a unique TMC configuration offering one of the most compact setups for those intense cqb scenario games. The kit features our new MagForce10 round FSR and RB mags with an adapter specifically designed for those mags, completing the smg look.

Absolver - "The one who sets you free of your crimes, guilt and responsability"

These parts come indivudially packed and you need to kit out your marker yourself with over 400$ worth in MWR PB parts.

No TMC marker included and works best with a standard TMC but an elite can still be converted with this piece from Standard TMC ASA. See our TMC Prostock for more details on that.

**Mok1 Sup sold seperately as you need to chose barrel size and some might already have one that they like already.

Parts included in the Absolver Kit
-Shorty Handguard
-TMC ProStock
-Agro IrnSight
-Magwell Alpha Cover

-ZST Trigger
-Charge Handle Alpha
-ECDPD Lock Bolt
-Charm Mount
-Barrel Plugger and Butler (MLok version)
-1 Pair of MagForce10 Mags with MF adapter



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