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[MWR Vortex AR-Kit Part] Upper Receiver "Bravo"

[MWR Vortex AR-Kit Part] Upper Receiver "Bravo"

SKU: MWRPB006400

This upper AR sytle Receiver is the core of the AR Kit for Vortex/A5 which covers most of the A5 body with a screwless snaping fit. With this kit, you will still have easy access to the air outputs for your response trigger, velocity adjustment and thumbpins. It is essential to have this part in order to mount the HandGuards unlike the Lower receiver. This particular model "Bravo" has vented side wall for a more aggressive looking kit


At the back of the receiver you will find two cut marks designating where you will need to cut in order to use an air through stock.  This can be done simply with a hack saw or heated exacto blade.


Part comes preassembled and includes:

1x Upper Receiver "Bravo" for vortex marker

1x Upper receiver hardware parts

4x m4 stainless steel nuts

4x 8mm m4 stainless steel screw

2x 10mm m4 stainless steel screw

1x 25mm m4 stainless steel screw

1x 8mm m5 stainless steel screw


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