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[MWR Vortex Part] - T15 & TMC Magwell Kit

[MWR Vortex Part] - T15 & TMC Magwell Kit

SKU: MWRPB011800

**This part is specifically designed to replace the factory Helix Magwell and be compatible with other Vortex mods. It is only for T15 mags, another product is available for TMC mags.

**This Part is now offered as a KIT. Assembly is required and you will need to source your own AR15 Magazine Catch. Any factory AR Catch should work but here are some examples

Magazine Catch Example 1
Magazine Catch Example 2

***You also will want to watch this video before purchasing. By Purchasing this part you agree to assemble this part yourself with these detailed instructions and are aware about sourcing the Magazing Catch yourself.***

Instructions and Information Video


With this parts kit you will be able to use your collection of T15 magazines with your trusty vortex! The design is meant to be as low profile as possible while securely holding onto your mags with an extra long side mounted Mag release that is easy to hit with your index for right hand use and with your thumb for lefties!  

The kit comes with all the printed parts and hardware you will need to assemble this magwell
Hardware includes; 1 spring, 2 m4 nuts, 30mm m4 screw, 35mm m4 screw, 20mm pin, 15mm m3 screw

The spring loaded mag catch is the same one used in the TMC/T15 or any AR designs, steel construction and will never wear out. The mag is snug with very little wiggle yet is able to drop by its own weight when you need to reload.


This is of course a 3D printed part but it is 100% filled for maximum durability. It is printed with CarbonFiber PETG like everything else we produce at MWR.PB


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