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[MWR A5 AR-Kit] "Recon"

[MWR A5 AR-Kit] "Recon"

SKU: MWRPB004100

This Recon sniper kit is for the long barrel guys who want a sniper looking formfactor for their A5. The HandGuard is a foot long and offers plenty of space to mount any kind of grip or bipod. With the stock fully extended, the kit measures 3 feet long from buttstock to HandGuard tip. Totaling 1.5 kgs  (3.3lbs) and adds a ton of features on top of the extra styling.


*The Kit is offered in both new and old generation grip designs. Please chose one


-A comfortable ergo. The magwell and HandGuard both give great purchase on the marker

-Full top rail for attachements

-Plenty of underbarrel rail space 

-Rails on both sides of the HandGuard for extra attachements

-The stock features a genuine 6 point AR15 buffer tube with a classic design stock with spring loaded lever for quick adjustments.

-2 different sling mounting points on each side of the stock mount

-Removable Mag 

-Easy access to all the A5 functionality. Velocity screw, cyclone pushrod, charging handle, removing barrel...

-Disassembling takes 2 allen keys and 4 screws (Only two needed for quick field repairs). Rest is held on by the regular A5 thumbpins. 


There are 5 Parts included in the Kit. Assembly manual is included

Tippmann Thumbpins not included


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