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[MWR TMC] Mag Release Extender Kit

[MWR TMC] Mag Release Extender Kit

Black anodized mag release kit.

With more TMC mods becoming available with more grip options, the need for a longer mag release was becoming more apparent. With the latest released grip Delta for TMC we noticed an extra large grip meant the mag release was too far to comfortably reach.MWR designed a modular kit of 4 different release tabs with different lengths and shapes mounted on a smooth aluminum base that theards into the factory mag release screw. The 4 different tab styles can be swapped with the 2 M2 screws and should be removed for marker dissasembly. The aluminum body enusres threads will stay solid after hundreds of tear downs or if you constantly change you mind between the available designs and makes for a super smooth press every time.


Its truely an ergonomic necessity so give it a shot!


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