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[MWR A5 Part] ChrgeHndle "Alpha"

[MWR A5 Part] ChrgeHndle "Alpha"

SKU: MWRPB009900

This little guy came out of necessity for using The Tacamo Vortex especially with and MWR upper. The factory charge handle would not clear the Upper enugh to grab on comfortably so we made an extension that screws into it. If you aren't afraid of making a small 1/8 drill hole through your factory handle using the extender as a guide, you will find this mod quite handy! 

Its got a long reach without being cumbersome and features a textures top face with a hole for mounting a charm 

It has to be installed after assembling your a5 MWR kit as it is too big to fit through the charging slot. Its a tight fit but it will get in there and once screwed in using the back plate, the only way it comes off is if you break the whole handle! *At which point you should get the MWR A5 Charging handle replacement part!*


Happy Charging!



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