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About us

At MWR.PB we aim to deliver high quality, functional and jaw dropping designs. Whether you are looking for a cool grip or a full marker makeover, we surely will have the right parts for you!
By harnessing the power of 3D printing and adaptive design, we are able to bring to the community a new era of modding where the impossible becomes reality. Where big manufactures fear to take risks, we embrace it and push the norm to continuously release hit products for you guys to experience. We now have over 100 products in the store for all types of markers, player gear, camera accessories and personalized mods that truely stand out.
That's right, 3D printing! It is the main manufacturing process here but we do not let it limit our potential. Some products have custom designed and machined aluminum components too, where extra strength was needed. We source the best hardware for the job so our products come ready to use without the need for sanding or touch ups. The printed parts are smooth and the finish is matte black leaving you the option for any kind of paint job including Cerakote technology!

The shop started in 2019 as a side project that quickly expanded into a full blown production now sporting 3 printers running 24/7 to meet demands. We use Prusa Research's Mk3s printers to ensure high quality, durable parts and absolute reliability so there is rarely any downtime. The print material is a plastic called PETG mixed with a special blend of carbon fiber which produce the cleanest matte black prints around! We test and play with all of our products to ensure durable and functional parts for you guys to enjoy!

Finally, because of the nature of printing, our designs are continuously evolving and improving as time goes by. Some designs can even be customized per order. Send us a message if you have any ideas for such details.




Do the parts or kits come in different colors? I saw some colorful ones in the insta-feed.

Those kits were painted with matte finish spray paint and covered with a few coats of matte clear coat. The parts were all black from MWR with a black matte finish which comes from the Carbon fiber PETG, The material used to print the parts!

How much time does it take to receive my order?

This really depends on the demand at the time of your purchase but to give you an idea, a whole AR-Kit takes roughly 100 hours to print. so far delays have been no longer than a month from order to delivery. Small orders for gear usually ship within a week.

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Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship to Canada, USA, France, Germany, Italy, UK
Netherlands and Belgium. You may contact us about inquires to ship in other countries and maybe we can sort something out!

Can you print out this STL that I found online?

You may contact us about printing paintball related items that you found online but there is no guarantee that we will print these items Because we are not a 3D printing service; We are a modding shop with 3D printers!

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